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Dealing With Electronic Issues in BMWs

BMW Battery Issue

BMW is a vehicle that has been created and designed with you in mind. All BMW makes and models are uniquely built and set the performance standard that every other vehicle in its class attempts to follow. Each exterior is sleek and one of a kind with an interior to match. The creators took the time to ensure that when driving a BMW, you see, feel, and know the performance level. The engine was designed for power. The interior and exterior were designed for comfort and safety. All parts of the BMW make it a vehicle the is a step above the rest in its class.

Owning a BMW is a luxury that you have worked for, earned, and deserve. BMW is a make that was built to last you a long time. As the years go by, there will be issues and problems that you experience with your car. A majority of the issues that occur with BMW stem from electronic issues. Because BMWs are such a highly-designed vehicle, they rely a lot on electronics to create for you a unique experience. When a problem arises with your BMW, it is safe for you to assume that it has something to do with one part of the electrical system.

Below you will find information about different electrical issues that you could potentially experience as your BMW gets older. Gaining this knowledge will allow you to pinpoint electrical issues quicker and will help you to save time and money on maintenance and repairs in the long run.

Dead Batteries

Your BMW is the same as every other vehicle in the fact that you are likely to experience a dead battery at least once in the lifetime of your BMW. The battery in your BMW is responsible for providing the necessary current to the starter motor and the ignition system. So when you turn your key while it is in the ignition, your BMW will turn on because of the battery. A good battery lasts around 4 years, but once those four years have passed, you may be in danger of having a dead battery on your hands. After the 4-year point, anything from leaving the interior light on all night to leaving your phone charger plugged in overnight can cause the battery to die. The fix here is easy: purchase and install a new battery.

Sudden Loss of Power

If you experience a sudden loss of power while driving your BMW, it could be related to the battery, but not always. There is a possibility that one of the connectors has been corroded due to any and all exposure to the elements. No matter where you live, your BMW could be exposed to a wide range of external elements that negatively affect the parts of your BMW. These elements will cause your BMW to experience electronic issues that may lead to a sudden loss of power. The sudden loss of power in your BMW as you are driving can be a dangerous circumstance if not immediately addressed.

Bad Cables

Another common electronic issue that can be found in your BMW is bad cables. In order for the electrical parts in your BMW to function properly, they require cables to connect them to their power source. If the cables turn bad or become frayed, then you will have electrical issues with your BMW. A frayed or broken cable can happen when something as small as a rodent gets in and chews them. They can become loose if you have been in a small fender bender. If you catch this fix early enough, then it can be as simple as replacing the wires that are broken or tightening the ones that have come loose.

Servicing your BMW

If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned electronic issues, then it is time to bring your BMW in to be serviced. It is important to address these electronic BMW Electrical Cables Connections issues as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage to your BMW.

Here at European Motors Maryland, we specialize in all things relating to European vehicles. Our mechanics are trained and certified and will be able to help you address any electronic issues that you may be experiencing. We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, and Catonsville, MD. You will be able to schedule an appointment for your BMW to be inspected. Once the issue has been diagnosed, we will work to repair your BMW as efficiently as possible without causing you overpriced dealership pricing.