Complete European Auto Check Engine Light Service in Catonsville

Check Engine Light

One of the biggest concerns for any driver is seeing the check engine light on their car’s dashboard. There are dozens of potential causes for the check engine light to turn on so it’s important that you find a mechanic with the proper tools and code readers to diagnose the issue as quickly as possible. Instead of overpaying for repeat visits trying to find the problem see why more Catonsville drivers have preferred the experts at European Motors Maryland above all other independent shops and dealerships for over 25 years.

The Tools for the Most Popular Brands

European engines need the proper tools to be diagnosed accurately and at European Motors Maryland we have the latest factory grade equipment for the area’s most popular European brands such as:

We guarantee all of our services and repairs will be accurate and our shop is committed to solving the problem the first time so you can get back on the road without the headaches and high costs of a dealership.

Complete Check Engine Light Services

Our shop handles all check engine light related issues in-house in order to provide more cost effective services. This includes common causes and major problems like:

  • Broken/loose gas cap
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Damaged O2 sensor
  • Low oil/oil pressure

The mechanics at European Motors Maryland have over 25 years of experience working with European vehicles and we’re familiar with all of the common causes of the check engine light and how to fix them quickly.

Find Us in Your Neighborhood

European Motors Maryland is proud to service surrounding cities such as:

If you’re in the area or a nearby city please call or visit our shop today. Driving with the check engine light on can lead to a number of issues in your vehicle so please call us today and let our experienced team keep your car up to date with all service and maintenance needs.