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Fixing Front Radiator Support Damage in Your Mini

Mini Front Radiator Support

Driving the MINI Cooper is a privilege. In order to keep it running properly, you need to provide it with exceptional care. One area that may need your attention is the front radiator support. This support is made of plastic and can be easily damaged and lead to major issues. If the support is damaged, it needs to be fixed immediately. Driving it without fixing the issue can be unsafe and can lead to radiator damage.

What is the radiator support?

The radiator support plays a critical role in your engine’s overall performance. If the support fails and the radiator is damaged, it will not be able to keep the engine at the optimal running temperature. If it gets too hot, the engine will overheat. This can lead to engine failure.

The function of the radiator support is to hold the radiator in place and protect it from being damaged. It doesn’t only hold the radiator in place, it also attaches the radiator to the engine.

Causes of Front Radiator Support Damage

The most common cause of radiator support damage is being in a front-impact car accident. Damage can result from something as small as a slight bump against a pole to a hard impact. There have also been instances where it has been damaged in rear-end collisions. In an accident like this, the support is usually bent or broken. Even hitting a curb or a small bump in the road can cause damage.

Fixing a Damaged Radiator Support

Repairing a damaged radiator support is complicated and requires special tools, equipment, and knowledge. It takes a lot of time and labor to complete the job and it can get costly. If your support is damaged, we recommend that you take it to a mechanic that specializes in MINIs. By bringing your vehicle into our European Motors Maryland, you can rest assured knowing that the job will be done right the first time.

Cost to Fix Front Radiator Support Damage

The cost to fix the front radiator support damage in your MINI depends on the severity of the issue. Radiator supports are usually damaged in an accident. In this case, there may be other issues that need to be fixed alongside the radiator support. If the damage is too severe, there is a chance that your insurance company will total the vehicle.

Common Symptoms of a Damaged Radiator Support

A damaged radiator support can be spotted during a visual inspection. The support may be bent or broken. You may also notice that your MINI is leaking coolant under the front area of your car. You can easily distinguish coolant from other fluids by its unique greenish color. If your MINI is leaking fluid over time, it will begin to overheat due to low coolant.

We Can Fix your Damaged Radiator Support

If you notice that your radiator support is damaged, you need to get your MINI into our shop right away. Continuing to drive your car with this damage can cause the radiator to break and leak coolant which can result in engine damage.

Radiator support repair is difficult, but you do not have to take your car to a MINI dealership to have the repairs performed. We can do everything that a dealer can do, and we can do it faster and cheaper. We have the tools and equipment to do the repairs properly.

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