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How to Avoid Oil Pan Gasket Leaks in a Jaguar

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The Jaguar brand is known for its classy design and luxurious appeal. For decades, this car has been associated with wealth; thus making it quite the status symbol among business owners, doctors, and lawyers.

However, as lavish as your vehicle is, it’ll still encounter common problems that’ll impede its ability to function. One of those potential issues is oil pan gasket leaks.

What are Oil Pan Gasket Leaks?

Oil pans are installed under your car to collect excess oil. Connected to a gasket, the oil pan is key to keeping your oil in its place and out of driveways and sidewalks.

Due to general wear and tear, your oil gasket can host cracks and holes. Due to these damages, your oil pan won’t be able to function properly. This leads to leaks and possible engine damage.

What Are Symptoms of Oil Pan Gasket Leaks?

Frequent Oil Leaks

One of the primary signs of a faulty oil pan and damaged gasket is your car leaving a puddle of oil underneath it. This usually occurs after your car has been parked for an extended period of time.

Smoke Coming From Your Engine

Another primary sign of oil pan gasket leaks is dark gray smoke. Seeing this come out of your engine could evoke a sense of fear and worry. You may even think that your engine is failing altogether. Instead of panicking, take it immediately to get serviced. You may have an internal leak you have no idea of.

Consistent Overheating

If your engine is overheating on a regular basis, it’s safe to say there’s something wrong with its mechanics. When the oils pan is damaged, oil is unable to lubricate your engine. This causes an extreme dryness that leads to your engine overheating. If it cannot retain oil, your car can’t function properly. If your car is suddenly overheating, it may be time to take it for a check-up. You can never be too conscious when it comes to engine problems.

Abnormal Oil Levels

Advanced cars like the Jaguar come with systems that notify the driver when their oil levels are dropping below the normal limit. Pay attention to these levels as it could be a clear indication of something going on. Since the oil is unable to stay within your car, it only makes sense that the levels will drop. Keep an eye on these levels and take your car to get serviced as soon as you notice it.

This symptom may prompt you to change your oil. While one would conclude that this is the right thing to do, it could cause more harm than good. To begin with, the oil pan and gasket is damaged, meaning the oil is simply falling out. You’re wasting your time and resources on a task that’s useless. In addition, if the oil isn’t being filtered correctly, it could end up in the wrong place. This could cause engine malfunctions or even a potential fire.

How to Avoid These Issues

To begin, always keep up with your routine services and maintenance. When you own a luxury vehicle like the Jaguar, it’s important to keep it in good condition to protect your investment. This includes regularly changing the oil and replacing the filters. During this time, you’ll be able to clearly see changes in your system and address them before they escalate.

Once you’ve determined that your oil gasket and the pan is damaged, try not to drive your car. Keeping it sedentary keeps your engine from overheating and protects other parts of your vehicle. Since one of the main effects of oil leaks is stalling or suddenly stopping, keeping in mind the safety of yourself and others is paramount. Choosing not to drive your car will help you keep the roads safe.

How We Can Help

Owning a Jaguar is worth the time, money and Jaguar Oil Pan Gasket Leak investment. Keeping up with its general maintenance will lengthen its lifespan and provide more rides for years to come. In order to keep it well-maintained, take it to a shop that’s familiar with its function. European Motors is the best choice for Jaguar maintenance. Bring your car in today!