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How to Carry Out a Vanos Repair in a BMW

People flock to the BMW brand for its smooth drive and incomparable performance. They are designed to provide the best driving experience for its users, and the Vanos system is an integral part of that.

What is the Vanos System?

The Vanos is a unique system that works to control the way your camshaft operates by changing the positioning of the intake camshaft. When this occurs, the vehicle is able to maximize its power while limiting the amount of gas being used. This system is unique to BMW models and helped to revolutionize the way mechanical engines operate. In fact, prior to its invention, BMW cars had to manually switch between capshifts. This created an uncomfortable drive and a less than appealing addition to the BMW brand.

Why Does the Vanos System Fail?

BMW cars are carefully engineered, so they require a lot of specific attention. Because of this, minor failings can trigger a waterfall of repairs that seem to occur all at once. One of those special areas of attention resides with the Vanos system. Due to premature wearing, engine leaks, or system malfunctions, Vanos failure is not uncommon. When this occurs, owners may experience a less than desirable drive. They may even notice a louder engine when idling. This can take away the smooth performance you’ve come to expect from your BMW.

Symptoms of Vanos Failure

When BMW vehicles experience minor shortcomings, it doesn’t take long for the car to show it’s malfunctions. When this occurs, different systems within the vehicle begin to slowly deteriorate. The torque and the Vanos system are best friends; they rely heavily on each other to operate adequately.

Once the Vanos system begins to fail, the torque will not be able to function properly, which you’ll notice as your vehicle feels less powerful as you drive. Remember that smooth, almost relaxing engine noise? It is now replaced with an obnoxious idle once the Vanos begins to wear. These, along with other malfunctions are all under the umbrella of a faulty Vanos system.

How to Fix This Problem?

With the age of “do-it-yourself” on the rise, many drivers have tried to take a whack at repairing their own systems. Although tricky, this repair can be done with the right tools and prior repair knowledge. All that’s required is a willing spirit and a few mechanical tools. If you were interested in the steps involved, the following are a few simple steps that can outline the general idea behind accessing your own Vanos system for repairs.

  1. Begin with a cold vehicle. If the car is too hot, this may disrupt installation and can be dangerous for you, possibly causing burn injuries.
  2. Remove the engine covers and the cooling fan.
  3. Carefully take off the vent hose. The biggest takeaway for this step is to handle all the parts gently- any wrong move can break the hose in half.
  4. Take away the coil harness and remove the coils. Once done, the valve cover will then be exposed.
  5. Remove the valve cover, electrical connectors to the Vanos, oil hose, and engine lift bracket. This will then reveal the entire Vanos system.
  6. Remove the Vanos system, cover, and seals.
  7. Once the seals are exposed, replace them with brand new seals.
  8. Refit the seals to match and replace or repair the Vanos

European Motors is Here to Help

Although DIY projects are admirable, they require a lot of time and effort. While many people do these mechanical repairs in an effort to save money, a simple mistake can end up costing you thousands. Instead of trying to perform this duty yourself, why not let the professionals handle your repair needs?

BMW vehicles are known for their luxury and optimal performance. They are also known for having specific parts that require special experience. When minor issues occur, this can be detrimental to the health of your vehicle. In order to avoid certain issues, it’s important to keep your car up-to-date on routine maintenance, which is best done by someone familiar with all of a BMW’s quirks.

Here at European Motors of Catonsville, MD, we have been serving the needs of European car owners for years. With our honest and quality work, we are able to handle any issue you may be having with your Vanos system. Call or stop by today to speak with our BMW experts!
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