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How to Fix a Volkswagen Wiring Harness Short in Catonsville

Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagens are affordable vehicles that combine durability and style. Known for their unique design and performance, the VW has evolved from a hippy-bus to a cool sports car. People everywhere adore the perfect combination of stamina and compact design of Volkswagen.

Although VWs are getting more attention in the car world, experienced drivers understand how needy these cars can be. They are relatively affordable, so many fail to realize that VW is made by high-end brands like Audi. Therefore, the engineering is similar, making this car an Audi in VW clothing.

Since these cars are basically made at a premium quality, they require specialized attention and care. This means owners must use high-end products to care for its every need. Volkswagens are known for having a plethora of mechanical issues. One of the primary issues that several owners face is challenges with the wiring harness. In fact, this problem has gained recognition on VW forums everywhere.

In order to preserve your VW, you have to take care of even the seemingly smaller tasks to keep it in excellent working condition. If you’re an owner of a Volkswagen and want to learn more about the inner-workings of your vehicle, check out these tidbits of information regarding your wiring harness. By understanding how this piece works and implementing these helpful troubleshooting tips, you’ll have a perfectly functioning VW that will last for years to come.

How does a short in the wiring harness occur?

Although there are dozens of cables and wires in your car, they all work individually to ensure your car is functioning properly. However, when these cables intertwine causing electrical contact, this results in an electrical short. Although this problem primarily occurs when damage ensues, such as a collision, it can also manifest as your car ages. General wear and tear is a common source for several problems.

When these wiring pieces make electrical contact, the heat makes the tips of the cable fizzle out. Once those care conductors are exposed, the damage begins. This results in a plethora of electrical issues ranging from poor performance to inadequate idling.

How to Fix This Problem

First, begin by locating a multimeter. This is a digital meter that troubleshoots electrical problems in cars. Change the mode of the multimeter to “continuity”. This will alert you when the probes are touching. Next, separate the wires to make sure they aren’t touching. Some individuals find taping them away from each other to be extremely helpful. Next, gather the wires together and conduct a series of tests to see if any of the probes will beep. Typically, once you connect different pairs of wires and click on the probe, you’ll discover where the problem is. If you continue to repeat these steps, isolating the different wires and testing out to see which are the problem, you’ll eventually be left with 2 wires. These signify exactly where the issue is coming from.

Now, although this seems relatively easy, conducting this do-it-yourself repair from start to finish requires extensive attention to detail along with several tools. In addition, you’d have to be pretty knowledgeable of electrical wires and cars in order to properly perform this service. Not to mention, who wants to spend their free time trying to repair an issue with their car?

Instead of wasting time, energy, and money on trying to troubleshoot this issue, let a professional handle it. You won’t have to worry about injuring yourself during this process or causing undue harm to your vehicle. Rather, allow a professional who is familiar with the mechanics of the VW brand do these diagnostic tests and repairs for you. This will make you feel more confident about this process.

How We Can Help

The folks at European Motors Maryland have Volkswagen Wiring Issue Check been servicing the Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, and Catonsville, MD for years. We understand how to properly care for your Volkswagen without causing unnecessary damage or requiring specialized parts. When you bring your car in for harness short issues, you can feel confident knowing that our team has the knowledge and experience to complete your service with care. In addition to providing exceptional customer services, we promise to never offer you services that you don’t need in an effort to boost our profits. When you trust us with your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interests in mind.

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