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Problems in the Hood Lift Supports of a BMW

BMW Hood Lift Supports Problems

If you are a BMW owner, you might start to notice a problem with your hood — it is not uncommon for the hoods on these luxury vehicles to begin having problems with their lift supports. The hood lift support system is responsible for holding the hood up. It is a component that you will find under the hood itself on almost all vehicles. As the name suggests, the job of this component is to support the hood.

When you open your hood there are small cylinders filled with pressurized gas that keep it open. When your hood is open, this lift support system is extended so the pressurized cylinder supports the entire weight. It has to be strong enough to hold that way open without retracting, otherwise the hood would always slam shut. When the system starts to fail or have any type of malfunction, it will lead to a lack of support to keep your hood open. There are 3 key symptoms that you can look out for when evaluating whether or not you have a problem with your hood lift support system.

Hood Closes Slowly

One of the very first symptoms you are going to notice if you have an issue with your hood lift support system is that the hood will start to slowly close again after you have opened it. When your hood is functioning properly, you open it, and it stays open. You have to physically close it when you are ready. If things are not working properly, you might open it and then notice that the hood is slowly but surely closing bit by bit. It might not be a gradual slamming shut at first but you will still notice that it’s no longer holding itself up the way it should.

The hood lift support system operates by using pressurized gas, which is sealed inside of a metal cylinder. This pressurized gas is what holds up the weight of your hood. However, over time the seal can wear out. If this happens, then it starts to leak, and then there isn’t enough pressure inside your metal cylinder to support the weight of the hood.

Hood Decides to Close–All on its Own

One other symptom of having a faulty lift support in your vehicle is that the hood will randomly close on its own after a period of time staying open as it should. If you have a faulty lift support you could have worn out seals. This would mean that it looks like it can support the hood and everything opens just fine, but then these worn-out seals suddenly give out and that’s when your hood slams shut.

Obviously, working underneath your car is going to be unsafe if you notice that it’s slamming shut all on its own. When you bring your vehicle in to be diagnosed and repaired, this is something that you want to mention so that the auto mechanic checking things out underneath the hood of your car isn’t caught off guard and injured by a sudden slam.

Hood Won’t Stay Up

One of the more obvious symptoms of a faulty lift support BMW Hood Lift Supports Problem Check is that your hood simply won’t stay up at all. If you try to open your hood and leave it up but it closes as soon as you open it, that means that all of the pressure leaks from your lift support system can no longer support the weight of your car hood even for a few minutes. If this is the case, it will be impossible for you to do any type of work underneath the hood of your vehicle unless you prop it up with something else.

Most hood lift support systems should last for several years, and most of the time they will not require replacement until your vehicle has quite a few miles on it. If you suspect that there’s a problem with your hood lift supports, you can always have your vehicle inspected by a professional technician. Here at European Motors, we can help you to go over your vehicle and determine whether these supports need to be replaced or not. Stop by or give us a call today to get started!

* BMW Hood Lift Supports Problem Check image credit goes to: Reimphoto.