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What Do Erratic Lights Mean in Audis?

Lights are an important feature in keeping the driver and passengers safe. However, light malfunctions are often overlooked issues, sometimes being left for days or even weeks unassessed. Malfunctions with the headlights or taillights can interfere with the driver’s visibility, raising the chances of collision. If the interior lights begin to malfunction, this can mean more than an electrical issue with the vehicle. The dashboard lights are crucial in indicating an issue with a vehicle. When any of these lights are malfunctioning, it is important to have the issue examined and diagnosed by professionals immediately. As with any vehicle, maintenance is key in driving your Audi to its’ full potential. With every Audi model, common issues can arise and need to be attended to ensure the full lifetime. Erratic lights are a common frustration to Audi owners, which is one reason for Audi, among other vehicle brands, for switching to LED headlights. Of course, while they are more reliable, LED headlights aren’t perfect and Audi vehicle owners can still encounter malfunctions. Below, we’ll discuss some common malfunctions to watch out for.

Flashing/Flickering Headlights

Flickering is one of the more common issues with Audi headlights. Typically, flashing or flickering lights do not indicate issues with the bulbs, but rather an issue with the wiring. Flickering bulbs often point to a faulty connection between the bulbs and the car battery. This issue is usually a simple and inexpensive fix. However, if the problem arises from the assembly, it might involve replacing the entire bulb assembly.

Faulting Low-Beams

Issues with an Audi’s low-beams can be traced back to a few different things. This type of malfunction can be the result of a faulty fuse or an issue with the bulb itself; however, a proper diagnosis should be conducted to find the exact cause. More complex options could arise, including melted wiring in the assembly, which should be assessed by professionals.

Faulting/Stuck Tail Lights

A less common issue with Audi vehicles is when the taillights malfunction and are stuck in use. When the tail lights are either stuck, blinking, or remain lit when the car isn’t moving, the problem could involve a faulty brake switch. This is a simple fix and, when taken to the proper mechanic, can be resolved quickly.

Interior Lights

Erratic lights aren’t only limited to the headlights; interior lights can also be subject to issues. Flashing or flickering interior lights are often the cause of battery malfunction or a wiring issue. This leads to a more complex electrical repair best left to the professionals. When dealing with interior light issues, the dashboard or screen display is another area to watch for malfunctions. In newer Audi models, portions of the screen display may burn out and will need to be fully replaced. If the dashboard lights are flashing or aren’t lit up properly, there could be an issue with the car’s electrical wiring. This is another tricky area to diagnose due to dashboard icon lights that could be referring to a non-electrical issue.

Audi Service & Maintenance

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