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Wiring Harness Failure in Volkswagens of Catonsville

Volkswagen Wiring Harness Failure

Vehicles have come a long way since the days of steam-driven engines. This growth has further been propelled by technological advancements that have made it possible to have smart vehicles. The incorporation of technology into the automotive industry has enabled the manufacture of safer vehicles that offer excellent performance on the road.

Volkswagen’s manufacturer has not been left behind in the wake of these developments. The modern Volkswagen models are increasingly incorporating automated systems in their vehicles in an effort to improve on the quality of their designs. These automated systems are controlled by the vehicle’s computer system.

Functions of vehicle components such as sensors, the automatic transmission system, fuel pressure regulation, cooling system, exhaust gas conversion as well as air conditioning among many others can easily be performed by the simple push of a button if they already don’t happen automatically.

What is a wiring harness?

These electronic functions in the Volkswagen rely heavily on the vehicle’s computerized system that is powered by the battery of the car. The battery is responsible for providing the starter with the juice that the alternator in turn provides the battery to power different car functions. This electric energy from the battery is transmitted to the different components in the car through wires that are found within the wiring harness.

Typically, the wiring harness begins from the engine before branching out to the different electrical components of the car and back to the engine. Before reaching the different components however the wiring harness has to go through a fuse box.

Functions of the wiring harness

The main function of the wiring harness is to protect the many different wires that connect to the different vehicle components. If all these wires were to independently run from the engine to the different components, they would easily become frayed and damaged. This would cause certain electrical functions in the vehicle to fail.

The wiring harness is made of highly durable and fortified material that ensures that these wires are well shielded from damage as they run to the different electrical components.

While the wiring harness may be made of extremely durable material, this does not make it damage-proof. Many Volkswagen drivers have had to replace sections of the wiring harness in their vehicles after driving their cars for a number of miles.

Reasons Why Wiring Harnesses Fail

The main reason for wiring harness failure in your Volkswagen is the deterioration of the material that protects the wires from damage. This deterioration is hastened by the extreme temperature in the running engine that can cause over-expansion. This expansion and contraction can quickly cause the wiring harness material to dry out and become brittle. In this state it then becomes easy for the harness to crack and start to chip off; a situation that leaves the wires in the harness exposed to external elements such as moisture, which can easily cause shorting.

Effects of Wiring Harness Failure

Wiring harness failure can cause several problems in your Volkswagen. Some of these problems include:

  • Problems starting the car due to faulty wires from exposure to corrosive
  • Flickering and dimming of lights before they completely stop working. This can make your car difficult and unsafe to drive in poor lighting. The warning lights on the dashboard of the car can also start flickering even when the problem that they are pointing to doesn’t exist.
  • Communication breakdown in different electrical functions which may no longer be able to receive or send information through the vehicle’s computerized system.
  • Increasing chances of actual fires occurring in the engine of the car due to exposed wires.

How to Handle Wiring Harness Failure

The older the Volkswagen model, the higher the chances that it will experience wiring harness failure. This is because the harness can only withstand so much Volkswagen Wiring Harness Check external factors before it finally breaks down. With proper and regular servicing, the wiring harness in your car can last a little longer without needing a replacement. If the car shows signs of wiring harness failure, however, you will need to take it in to a professional Volkswagen repair shop for proper diagnosis and replacement.

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